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Voluntary Supplemental Benefits

  • Accident insurance: Helps offset unexpected medical expenses, such as ER fees, deductibles and co-pays that may result from covered accidental injuries
  • Cancer insurance: Provides payment to insured to assist with out of pocket medical and indirect non-medical expenses related to cancer such as travel expenses or child care, which medical plans typically don’t cover
  • Critical Illness insurance: Complements major medical coverage by providing a lump sum benefit which may be used to pay the direct and indirect costs related to a covered critical illness. Treatment for such illnesses may be expensive and lengthy.
  • Hospital Confinement insurance: Provides a lump sum benefit for a covered hospital confinement and covered outpatient surgery to assist in offsetting the gaps caused by co-pays and deductibles that aren’t covered by most major medical plans.Legal Club of America: Provides free and discounted service for tax advice and preparation, legal care, identity theft restoration and insurance, financial education and credit counseling and life events counseling.